Chopper : Movie Review

Funny and repulsive, Chopper - Australia's latest in the world of film.

Based on the true story of notorious Melbourne killer Mark Read a.k.a.Chopper (Eric Bana) (for his penchant for lobbing off victim's body parts). In jail for attempting the abduction of the judge at a mate's trial and his extreme violent tendencies, Mark Chopper Read metamorphosis's into a criminal legend.

The film journeys though Chopper's years in infamous H section of Melbourne jail in the 70's and the drug fuelled 80's on the outside.

Unlike the typical cold-blooded killer's we become accustom to, Chopper displays bizarre signs of remorse following his brutal conduct. After pounding the skull of his jail-mate to death for no apparent reason, Chopper claims it isn't his fault! "Come on mate, look what you've done now - have a ciggie mate". The humour is bound tightly with the extreme violence and shocking scenarios, weaving the depiction of Chopper's life.

Following the self-mutilation and amputation of his own ears, Mark Reed is released back into society. With a junkie girlfriend in tow and a home with his violent messed up father, Chopper proceeds to live up to his name, as frequent killings and violent episodes manifest. In the dog eat dog underworld of violence and drugs, Chopper becomes the target of a contract hit, but rides on lady luck and sustains his life. Not a victim himself, but a schizophrenic, cruel and violent criminal with a paradoxically good heart, eventually ends up banged up again for murder.

As a notorious killer, Chopper writes a book of his life - fascinating all with his strange ways, as well as performing TV interviews and appearances for the media - he now lives as a free man.

Chopper is a riveting movie with a fantastic cast, using "narrative liberties", which merely endorse the hilarity of the true content - never before has a film been so funny, yet so disturbing.

Author : Max Willis Of