Perfect Score, The : Movie Review

The dialogue in "The Perfect Score" mentions "The Breakfast Club," which is nice. (How come the characters in movies never seem to know there are movies -- except the ones they attend but never watch?) And there are similarities between the two films, not least in the way that Scarlett Johansson, with her red lips and brunet haircut, resembles Molly Ringwald. There is also a certain seriousness linking the two films, although this one tilts toward a caper comedy.

The film takes place in Princeton, N.J., which in addition to being Albert Einstein's place of last employment, is also home to the Princeton Testing Center, home of the SAT exam. The SATs, we learn, were once known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, but since this name presumably reeked of common sense, it was dropped, and now "SAT" simply stands for -- SAT. "Ess Ay Tee," the Web site explains, making it easy for us.

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Author : Roger Ebert