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Paramount Pictures, in association with MTV Films, presents “The Perfect Score,” released March 19th, starring Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation,) Erika Christensen,(Swinfan,) Chris Evans (Not Another Teen Movie,) and directed by Brian Robbins.

High school senior Kyle is an aspiring architect with dreams of attending an Ivy League school, but his SAT scores don’t rate. He masterminds a plan to get inside the building that houses not only the answers to the exam but also the key to his future. But first he must assemble his team...

Heading Kyle’s list is his best friend Matty, a less than stellar student who wants to go to the University of Maryland, the college his girlfriend attends, but so far the only thing Matty’s test scores have scored him is a rejection letter.

Kyle’s next recruit is pretty blonde-haired Anna. She could ace the SAT and get into Brown -- where her parents expect her to go -- but she’s tired of always trying to live up to their expectations rather than her own.

Anna brings Desmond into the fold. He’s the star basketball player who’s smart enough to go after an education first and then join the NBA -- but Desmond scores well on the court, not the SAT, and most colleges say he doesn’t make the cut.

Edgy, anti-establishment Francesca provides access to the local testing headquarters since her dad works in the building, and free-spirited Roy rounds out the group when he accidentally overhears the plan while smoking in a bathroom.

Cert: 12
Running Time: 93 mins
Release Date: 19 March 2004
Distributor: UIP

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Perfect Score, The (2003)
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