Scary Movie : Movie Review

I must confess that prior to seeing this movie I was wondering if it was actually going to be that different to the rest of the 'American high school comedies' such as American Pie,10 Things I Hate About You etc. Unfortunately my suspicions were correct…

The story starts with the murder of a gorgeous high school girl Drew Decker (Carmen Electra). At that point it becomes obvious it's going to be one of those 'killer amongst friends' routines again, which fits in nicely with the rest of the famous scenes they have attacked from films such like 'Sixth Sense', 'Blairwitch' and 'Scream 2' but to name a few. Although what I will say is that the way in which the Waynes brothers have tackled the whole sex and youthfulness issues whilst at the same time been completely tongue in cheek was very good and it did work well.

So from the point when Drew gets murdered the film then goes off into a complete bombardment of parodies, the most outrageous of them was the locker room scene where Buffy (Shannon Elizabeth) is getting brutally attacked by the masked psychotic killer from Scream but no matter how hard he tries Buffy just won't die!

In summary if you want a good laugh, a light film then go see it you'll love it, but if you want something a bit different from the rest then this one isn't for you.

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