Inside I'm Dancing : Film Inspiration

The original story for INSIDE I’M DANCING was conceived by Irish writer Christian O’Reilly, inspired by his own experiences working at the Centre for Independent Living in Dublin where he worked closely with Dermot Walsh, a man who has cerebral palsy, (in the campaign for personal assistance funding and equality for disabled people in society). While working with Dermot, he witnessed firsthand the challenges and exhilaration of liberation and also began to appreciate the complexities of being a Personal Assistant. At the C.I.L., Christian also came across Martin Naughton, whose spirit, energy, irreverence and wit was an inspiration for the project.

When Christian first pitched the idea of the story to the producers, they immediately responded to it particularly its universal theme of learning to live in the world, of appreciating each day and of learning to love yourself. It was felt that it could be a highly original, provocative and moving film. Christian developed the story further and Jeffrey Caine was subsequently commissioned to write the screenplay which became a powerful story about friendship and liberation.

It is a strong story with universal themes that any audience can relate to. While disability is the context for the film, it is not the (only) subject. Like any really good story it turned into a compelling project. It was made for the same reasons as any other quality film.