Boogeyman : Movie Review

Boogeyman (2005)"Boogeyman" is supposed to be a movie about everyone's biggest fear growing up as a child: the dormant monster living in your closet that waits in the middle of the night for the right moment to snatch you from your bed. But this film is a tactical assault on the senses. It's loud, obnoxious, inappropriate, and above all a story about nothing.

Well, not exactly. Doors slam at the sound of exploding dynamite, bathtub faucets shriek like bullet trains, and a windshield cracks so loud that the Richter scale takes notice. Nail guns spray exploding pieces of metal into wooden boards that sound like imploding buildings when splintered. And it doesn't stop for 86 minutes, during which the movie manages to do nothing but try to make your eardrums bleed.

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Author : Scott