White Noise DVD

On Monday in Hollywood, Tom & Lisa Butler, Directors of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena demonstrate Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) at an event thrown by Universal Studios Home Entertainment to mark the Tuesday DVD release of White Noise. The event held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, where paranormal activity has been reported for decades, included a live EVP session to make contact with the departed. The White Noise

DVD includes bonus features on EVP including Tom & Lisa Butler sharing their personal experiences and a demonstration how audiences can conduct their own sessions at home.

Clip 1:Lisa Butler conducts an EVP session with group of participants.

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Clip 2:Tom Butler contacts the spirits through EVP.

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Clip 3:Tom Butler discusses his experiences.

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Clip 4:Lisa Butler describes and plays a significant EVP occurrence.

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Clip 5:Wendy Garcia, employee of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, shares experiences she has had with paranormal activity there.

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This audio file contains EVP messages from Tom and Lisa Butler:

Tom and Lisa Butler messages, mp3

Tom and Lisa Butler messages, wma