Rugrats in Paris: The Movie : Production Notes

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)The Rugrats clan found adventure and thrills in their first feature film, Rugrats Movie, the (1998) and now in "Rugrats in Paris The Movie," they head overseas on a terrific new journey. Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures have joined forces once again on an animated feature film, the second motion picture based on Niokelodeon's award-winning "Rugrats" series.

"'Rugrats in Paris - The Movie' is a continuation of the Rugrats' adventures as first brought to the big screen in 'The Rugrats Movie' that takes them further than they've ever gone, figuratively and literally," says Albie Hecht, president of Film and TV Entertainment for Nickelodeon, and one of the producers of the movie.

Unlike its big screen predecessor, which featured fantastical sequences that harked back to classic adventure films, "Rugrats in Paris - The Movie" packs all the fascination and wonder that comes when an entire family travels to a foreign land, combined with the strong feelings and sense of discovery that often accompanies a journey. Although this kind of travel experience is often felt strongly yet differently between parents and kids, the themes in "Rugrats in Paris" will undoubtedly resonate with both.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)Says "Rugrats in Paris" director stig Bergqvist, "What is unique about the Rugrats is their broad appeal. We have in this movie a great story played on two different levels. One seen through the eyes of the babies and one from the adults."

"This is a motion picture in the true sense of the word," says director Paul Demeyer. "The story line is very poignant, and Paris provides a dramatic backdrop that we are accenting with incredible action. It's very exciting to work on a project that you know kids and adults will see and appreciate. And we owe it to the Rugrats fans to give them a great movie."

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) Adds Bergqvist,"We've had two great years developing this story and seeing it come alive on the big screen. Our biggest challenge was creating an intelligent and emotionally strong film that's entertaining for the whole family."

"Rugrats in Paris" also presented a technical challenge for the film's directors. Says Bergqvist, "We needed to meet the needs of mixing hand drawn and computer generated animation. We wanted our CGI characters to have the same quirky and warm feel as the babies. We ended up retouching by hand almost everything that was animated in the computer to get this effect."

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)The Rugrats have proven time and time again that they appeal not only to kids, but to parents as well. By adding the voices of respected actors such as Susan Sarandon (who voices the Rugrats' Parisian nemesis, Coco La Bouche), John Lithgow (as her sidekick Jean-Claude) and Debbie Reynolds (as Lulu Pickles) to the mix for "Rugrats in Paris - The Movie," the world's most famous babies are set to attract an even wider following.

"The more complex some of the new characters ore, the more appealing they seem to be," continues Demeyer. "Susan displayed such great instincts, very dramatic, yet subtle. And she has some very funny lines. John is great - because he's such a great comedian."

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)The renowned yet humble actor took on the challenge with his typical vigor, playing Coco's wry sidekick Jean-Claude with aplomb. As Lithgow reflects, the role was a lot of fun, but not without its own very particular set of challenges. "The most interesting thing (about the role) is that I didn't know what he would looklike,-" admits Lithgow "It's very curious to act a role with no idea at the time of what the character looks like. I'm putting my voice at the disposal of the animators, which is a fun new thing to do. This is a great new world for me."

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) "It's been a remarkable experience thus far, quite challenging and lots of fun," adds Sarandon. "As Coco, I'm providing the personality to someone the audience will be rooting against, which is a thrill for me and my kids who are excited that their mum finally gets to play a 'meany.' Coco has all the makings of a classic Hollywood villain, she's smart, yet sinister, devilish and witty in her own kind of way. The characters John and I voice hove a wonderfully dysfunctional camaraderie that plays into the spirit of the film and is something kids and parents will love. Plus I get to wear all that great Japanese influenced designer clothing."

Lithgow's and Sarandon's enthusiasm is magnified further by legendary actress Debbie Reynolds. "I was very excited when I received the call because 'Rugrats' is my granddaughter's favorite program. I don't have a chance to watch a lot of animated shows at my age, but when I told her I was going to be in the new Rugrats movie, she was beyond excited."

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)The anticipation for "Rugrats in Paris The Movie" carries over into the passion the filmmakers bring to this special movie. "We're making this one even bigger and better, with a lot of action, adventure and lots of fun sequences," says producer/co-creator Gabor Csupo. "'Rugrats in Paris' has a giant scope visually. We've done extensive research on the classic architecture of Paris, and we've been able to take advantage of the romantic, and well-recognized aspects of the city, and really bring them to life."

Producer/co-creator Arlene Klasky adds, "We wanted to find a grand arena, some place universally known to people of all ages, and that's Paris. The sc.ript and setting undersc.ore the c.ity's reputation for love and culture. We've used that as a foundation for a visually contemporary look and story that will have wide appeal."

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)Executive producer Julia Pistor echoes Csupo's thoughts while summing up the relationship between Nickelodeon and the characters' creators. "The writing is so very strong on this film, and gives parents and kids a channe to really connect on the same level. It undersc, ores our relationship with Klosky Csupo, Inc,.- we've been together for so long that 'Rugrats in Paris' is not only a great new adventure for the characters, but for all of us, as well."

The Rugrats

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) JEAN-CLAUDE, is Coco La Bouche's personal assistant at EuroReptartand. A flamboyant Frenchman, he is pretentious and self-involved. He also shares the same level of distaste for children as his boss Coco. Jean-Claude is a hapless servant in Madame La Bouche's self serving plots for power, but he is also quite a snappydresser.

LULU PICKLES, is Grandpa Lou's new love interest. she is a sprite senior citizen who is not ready to slow down. She is a bundle of energy and lives life to the fullest. She gives Grandpa Lou a new lease on life and relishes her new role as Tommy, Angelica and Dil's new grandmother.

TOMMY PICKLES, is the leader of our intrepid band of Rugrats. He is intelligent, courageous, compassionate and articulate. He also happens to be "one years old," which gives him an endlessly interesting perspective on life. Stu and Didi Pickles do their best to coddle him. But as Tommy says, "A baby's gotta do What a baby's gotta do." Under the not so very watchful eyes of the grown-ups, he leads his Rugrats friends on expeditions to unravel the great mysteries of life- like "where does the light go when the refrigerator door is closed?" To Tornmy Pickles, the world doesn't always make sense, but it makes an incredible amusement park.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)CHUCKIE FINSTER is the worrywart in every crowd. In addition to being Tommy's best friend, Chuckie is a likeable two-year-old scaredy-cat who sees monsters in every closet and worries about the hundred ways things can go wrong. Tommy's adventurous schemes often reduce Chuckle to shivers. "M-m-maybe this isn't such a good idea," he'll suggest, as the Rugrats are off to sneak into the dark and dank garage.

But since Chuckie also hates being left behind, he trudges along warily. And in the process, he often surprises himself with the courage he summons up. Like his dad, Charles Sr., Chuckle never forgets that every silver lining comes with a cloud attached.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)PHIL AND LIL DEVILLE are the fiffeen rnonth old twins who live next door to the Pickles. They think alike, oct alike, and even finish each others sentences. (Lil is the one with the bow in her hair). Often visiting the Pickles with their mom, Betty, the twins are loyal followers of Tommy Pickles who joyfully participate in every Rugrats adventure- and the messier and scarier, the better.

Their specialties: rnudpies, bugs, and moldy things forgotten under sofas and beds. Phil and Lil are as close as sblings can be. They get along wonderfully and argue frequently.

ANGELICA PICKLES, is Tommy's cousin and a Rugrats alumna who can talk both to grown-ups and toddlers. She's tempestuous. She's tyrannical. She's three..

She manipulates her parents, shows off for strangers- and when she comes to play, the Rugrats run for cover. "You stupid babies!" she bellows as she bullies them into playing by her rules. "You don't know anything!," she screarns as she terrorizes them with "true" stories from her imagination. Even worse, she forces them to sit still for her off-key, lyrically mangled rnusical numbers. Beneath her cold, hard exterior beats the heart of a true spoiled brat. But however-cleverly devilish her schemes, somehow Angelica always seems to get the worst of it.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)DIDI PICKLES, Tommy's and Dil's mother, is the classic, practical, responsible but often over-protective mom. Obsessed with doing things the "right" way, Didi has read all the latest child-rearing books and watched every "How to Raise Your Kids" video ever made.

However, in her quest to be the perfect mother, Didi tends to overly worry about every Iittle thing Tommy does or doesn't do. She is completely unaware of how much Tommy really understands and thinks. Ironically, she is often so preoccupied with trying to be the ideal mom, she fails to notice when Tommy takes off on one of his adventures.

STU PICKLES is Tommy's and Dil's loving, concerned but absent-minded dad. Stu runs his own toy manfacturing company, Pickles Industries. His workshop is in the Pickles' basement. A dreamer, Stu loves to design new toys and invent new gadgets. Stu believes that each of his new inventions will be "the toy that's going to put Pickles Industries on the map." Because he is so absent minded, Stu is fundamentally unobservant of Tommy and Dil. Often, he loses track of the boys, allowing Tommy to crawl off on one adventure after another.

CHAS FINSTER is a hard-working, well-meaning single dad. He has to act as a mommy and daddy for his look-alike son Chuckie. Chas loves children and is a big fan of Dr. Lipschutz, the childcare expert. He is a bit of an absent-minded worry-wart and a tragic sufferer of allergies. As a widower, he can get lonely, but he tries to keep his spirits up especially for Chuckie's sake. He loves Latvian folk dance music, and would rather watoh the chess championships than football's Ultra Bowl

GRANDPA PICKLES, Tommy's paternal grandfather, is the classic, cantankerous, old geezer. He lives in the Pickles' house and often acts as a convenient baby-sitter for his Rugrat grandchildren, Tommy, Dil and Angelica.

Grandpa is indulgent with the kids. As such, he is almost more of a "Rugrat" than an adult - functioning as a bridge between the world of kids and the world of adults. As much as Tommy loves the old guy, he is never above taking advantage of one of Grandpa's long naps or mesmerizing television marathons to sneak away on an adventure.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)KIRA WATANABE, Coco Lo Bouche's trust-worthy secretary at EuroReptarland is a very organized, efficient and extremely intelligent woman who also happens to be very kind and loves children. she is Japanese but lives in Paris with her daughter Kimi

KIMI WATANABE is the newest Rugrat. Kimi lives in Paris with her mother, Kira and attends daycare in EuroReptarland. Kimi is a spunky 2-year-old, who loves adventure and tends to act before thinking. Her zest for life, though, can sometimes get her into troublesome situations.

SUSIE CARMICHAEL is one of the Rugrats' pals from home. She is three years old like Angelica, but far more sensitive and caring than her counterpart. She is very bright and loves school.Her favorite subject is science.Her mother, Lucy, is a doctor and her father, Randy, is a writer for a television cartoon.