Rebound : Movie Review

Rebound (2005) - Movie PosterThis summer will have no fewer than three movies featuring a band of misfit kids playing sports. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If people had a problem with Hollywood repeating the same thing, the box office slump would have started with Jaws II. What moviegoers should be upset about is when the original recipe isn’t altered in any way. Though Kicking & Screaming was an average movie, think how awful it would have been minus Will Farrell’s soccer dad rage. And you know Billy Bob Thornton is going to bring something funky to The Bad News Bears.

With Rebound, the newest sports and children comedy, audiences have every right to be upset. The recipe not only hasn’t been changed, it’s been left in the oven far too long. Esteemed and volatile college basketball coach Roy McCormack (Martin Lawrence) is thrown out of the league after an incident involving his renowned temper, a basketball, and a dead bird. Looking for a way to look good while the offers roll in, Roy coaches the basketball team at his old junior high school.

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Author : Pete Croatto