Red-Eye : Red Eye Celebrity Screening!

Red-Eye (2005)To celebrate the release of Red Eye on September 2nd, we are offering you the chance to mingle with director Wes Craven and the film's star Cillian Murphy at an exclusive celebrity screening on August 30th. We also have runners up prizes of t-shirts and eye masks up for grabs.

Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) hates to fly, but the terror that awaits her on the night flight to Miami has nothing to do with a fear of flying.

Moments after takeoff, Lisa’s seatmate, Jackson (Cillian Murphy), menacingly reveals the real reason he’s on board: He is an operative in a plot to kill the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and Lisa is the key to its success. If she refuses to cooperate, her own father will be killed by an assassin awaiting a call from Jackson.

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