Cry Wolf : Movie Review

Cry Wolf (2005Unlike most other slasher fans, I wasn't very impressed by the trailer for "Cry_Wolf". The exaggerated marketing made it feel as if the movie couldn't sell itself and therefore the company had to market it as hard as they could. Well, apparently it didn't help since the movie turned out to be a flop at the US box-office. Well, here's a question for Rogue Pictures; has there ever been a successful PG-13 rated slasher flick? Most slasher flicks rely, to a certain extent, on gore. So how could a PG-13 rated slasher flick possibly be good? Well, I guess with an entertaining and original story, a PG-13 rated slasher flick could work.
But while Cry_Wolf desperately struggles to be original, it fails to be entertaining.

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Author : AnthroFred