King Kong : Movie Review

King Kong (2005)After Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy earned a zillion dollars, a slew of Oscars, and a place at the tip top of the Hollywood pyramid, Jackson was able to write his own ticket. As his follow-up project, Jackson chose to remake King Kong, which had industry observers scratching their heads.

Historically, sequels and remakes of the original Kong range from bad to unwatchable, and while Jackson certainly knows effects and storytelling, Kong remakes seem to be cursed endeavors. Voodoo or no, they're probably ill-advised. 1933's Kong is one of those movie archetypes that really shouldn't be messed with. Like Citizen Kane or Metropolis (another film that has suffered from attempts at updating it), King Kong simply isn't meant to be trifled with. Alas, some will try.

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Author : Christopher Null