Magic Roundabout, The : Movie Review

It's time another animated diamond as refined as The Triplets of Belleville knocked films like Doogal off the oppressive, personality-free CGI tide they try to hitch. The film, a co-production between Pathé and the UK Film Council (released in France and England as The Magic Roundabout, the title of the Serge Danot children's book from which it's adapted), is the Weinstein Company's latest attempt to stake out a claim in the animation market; should it connect with the public, we may be doomed to seeing similar such imports for years to come. Arriving here a little lost in translation and with a whole new set of voices (Ian McKellen and Kylie Minogue are the only carryovers from the Brit-voiced version officially reviewed here), the film stars Doogal (Robbie Williams for me, Kenan Thompson—gulp—for you), a dog that must find a way to free his master from a frozen merry-go-round with the help of his talking friends: a snail, a bunny rabbit, a cow, and a choo-choo train. (Trust me, it only sounds cute.) Doogal, a cross between a maltese and Felicity Huffman's Bree from Transamerica, lives in some garishly dull hamlet where everything looks like a Christmas ornament—Amélie's Montmartre by way of Nintendo GameCube. Exposition and character complication is so recklessly shunned as to suggest the filmmakers are pathological (or—if I were to give them the benefit of the doubt—something was left on the cutting room floor).

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