American Dreamz : Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant Interview

In a comedy yanked from the right-now popular culture, Hugh Grant stars as the host of a hugely popular American television program, American Dreamz. As the self-aggrandizing, self-loathing Martin Tweed, Grant is ever on the lookout for the next insta-celebrity to exploit. Tweed has done absolutely everything to sustain the show’s vice-like grip on the nation’s reality show obsessed consciousness, and his dogged determination is just about to reach new heights…

This season, Tweed has found a delicious crop of Dreamz hopefuls that includes Sally (Moore), a conniving steel magnolia with a devoted, dopey, veteran boyfriend (Klein), and Omer, an incompetent would-be terrorist with a penchant for show tunes. When he snags the American President (Quaid) - suffering from a steep drop in his approval rating – to join the lot as a special guest judge, the stage is set for a show the nation will never forget.

American Dreamz is written, produced and directed by Paul Weitz (writer/director of In Good Company, co-director/Academy Award®-nominated co-screenwriter of About A Boy and co-director of American Pie). Andrew Miano and Rodney Liber also produce; Chris Weitz and Kerry Kohansky serve as executive producers.

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Hugh Grant Interview, WMP, High
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Mandy Moore Interview, WMP, High

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