Break Up, The : Movie Review

If you have a powerful desire to see Jennifer Aniston's bare butt, The Break-Up is not to be missed. But if the former Mrs. Pitt's posterior isn't high on your list of sights to see, the film is better left to unspool in theaters unviewed. The Break-Up is like Danny DeVito's The War of the Roses, but without the wit, the acid, and the blacker-than-black humor. In fact, The Break-Up is most effective when it lumbers into the realm of melodrama, which it does a few times too often for something being touted as a "romantic comedy." For a movie with that label, there's surprisingly little romance, and less comedy. There may be a laugh or two sprinkled throughout but, for the most part, on those occasions when the script tries to be funny, the attempts are thin and awkward. More surprising, however, is the fact that The Break-Up doesn't try hard or often to solicit chuckles. There are times when its seriousness is almost unsettling.

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Author : James Berardinelli