Hard Candy : Movie Review

Why do young girls fall for older men? Why do they allow themselves to get into dangerous situations? Why do they make it worse by getting themselves drunk and stripping off in front of smooth talking, high end fashion photographers?
Teenage Hayley (Ellen Page) and thirtysomething Jeff (Patrick Wilson) have been talking online for three weeks when they agree to meet at the Nighthawks coffee shop. Jeff's been meticulous in his research and put great effort into ensnaring young Hayley.

Handsome and charming, he is an expert conversationalist. She is smart, alluring and sensible. But then even clever girls make mistakes, don't they?
Hard Candy is a wonderfully orchestrated psychological thriller that'll have you wondering what's around each corner, as the plot twists and turns and then twists again.
Brian Nelson's almost perfect scripting is matched by David Slade's near flawless direction to produce a film that's full of delightful, pitch black humour and painfully tense moments.


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Author : Kevin Stanley