Miami Vice : Colin Farrell Interview

Question: What’s separates Tubbs and Crockett from other Miami Police officers?

Colin Farrell: These guys have gone deep. Like a lot of guys got into motor bike gangs and a lot of guys that had been to Colombia work, buying, and transporting and drugs from South America and through Miami. And, you know, they lived the life. They lived the life. I mean, there’s various different stories, some of them got very caught up in it and some of them didn’t. Some of them, a lot of them, did it purely for the rush. I mean they, you know, a couple of them were talking, and they weren’t really doing it to help society. I mean helping society was a good shoot off, was definitely a good benefit, but they were doing it for the rush.

Question: What was it like working with Michael Mann?

Colin Farrell: Michael’s all about making the experience and the environment, you know, as real as he possibly can, you know. He’s all about that. He’s all about ; why fake it when you can do it for real. He pushes the envelope.
It’s not just that he pays attention to details, but he really sees it, you know? He knows what he likes, he knows aesthetically about a picture, about a frame, about shooting a picture, colors, images, architecture, music, all that kind of stuff. He’s got an innate knowledge of all those things. And just an extremely creative soul.

Question: What kind of relationship does your character, Crockett, develop with Li Gong’s character, Isabella?

Colin Farrell: Most people complete each other. Sometimes it’s a danger if you’re with someone because there’s a hole inside you, or because you feel there’s a piece missing and you find someone and you want them to fill that piece. It can be dangerous. Co-dependence can come into it and you know, it can be the road to ruin, but sometimes it just happens that you were doing fine on your own and then somebody comes along and it just makes sense and you feel whole when you’re with them. And that’s pretty much what happens between Crockett and Isabella.

Question: How does this effect the relationship between Tubbs and Crokett?

Colin Farrell: This time it’s Tubbs trying to remind Crockett of the bigger picture of what they’re there for. He sees Crockett being pulled in to this relationship. He sees the little shifts in his demeanor, little shifts in his, kind of, exploration in his own character, through the meeting and the falling for this woman, Isabella. And he just wants to make sure that they’re still on the same page together, that Crockett still has his eyes on the prize, so to speak. And when push comes to shove, that even though he’s fallen for this woman, she’s one of the bad guys.

Question: What was it like working with Jamie Foxx?

Colin Farrell: It’s just exciting to watch Jamie, you know. It’s just exciting to watch. He’s a very honest person, and very strong. Very dignified, he’s got a lot of dignity about him, knows who he is. A lot of strength. He brings a lot of strength to Tubbs.