Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King : The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition DVD

New Line Cinema is proud to announce the release of The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition DVDs!

Lord Of The Rings DVDsThese Limited Editions feature both the theatrical and extended versions of the film plus an all-new documentary. But they won't be around forever - own all three on August 29th!

- Disc one includes both the Theatrical version and the Extended version of the film. You can choose which version to watch!

- Disc two features a new feature-length documentary with never-before-seen "making of" footage. Filmmaker Costa Botes, who was personally selected by Peter Jackson, took a unique approach to telling the story of the cast and crew experience on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. By letting the raw footage speak for itself, the result is a fascinating telling of the challenges, training, and camaraderie that resulted in the greatest adventure on film.