Covenant, The : Movie Review

Four Massachusetts teenagers share a bond—and a sinister secret. As the so-called "Sons of Ipswich"—descendents of the five founding families of Ipswich Colony—they possess mystical powers of almost unimaginable magnitude, passed down from father to son since the days of the Puritan witch hunts, and kept hidden with a pledge of silence. But with great power comes great danger: Not only is this energy addictive, it also burns up the bodies of those who possess it, prematurely aging them a bit with every application. The guys don't know what to do with their power, so they squabble among themselves, advance their jock careers, and play dirty tricks on lesser mortals. But when a fellow student shows up dead and their own special brand of witchcraft is suspected, the four sons realize the gravity of their situation: a fifth Son of Ipswich, unknown to them, might exist. And he might be very, very angry with them.

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Author : D. SCOTT APEL