Children of Men : Movie Review

Children of Men, Alfonso Cuarón's adaptation of the P.D. James novel, takes a look at England in an apocalyptic near-future, when standards of law and order have broken down and the country is ruled by a fascist dictator. The movie is set in 2027 - a mere 21 years in the future - but there's a simple explanation for how the world got from where it is today to where it is in the film: the human race has become sterile. Beginning around 2009, women became unable to have babies. Now, the species is aging and dying. In less than 100 years, there will be no trace of man left on the planet. Children of Men isn't interested in dissecting the reasons for the situation, but in exploring the societal ramifications of it. The movie could be classified as science fiction, but its real interest is in examining how different people react to the impending end of everything, and how one ray of hope becomes a tool used for a power-grab.

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Author : James Berardinelli