Antitrust : Movie Review

Three new films opening this weekend appear to pose little threat to several of the movies now in current wide release and others that are expanding.

AntiTrust takes a drubbing from virtually every major critic, but surprisingly - given its subject matter - not from The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern, who calls it a "clever paranoid thriller" and "a lament, in comic-book terms, for the fate of intellectual property in an age of corporate megavores."

On the other hand, Jonathan Foreman in the New York Post calls the movie, "an inferior factory product, cranked out with little care and less imagination, that seems all the dumber because it's pretending to be smart and topical."

Rita Kempley in the Washington Post refers to it as "a cliché-riddled, techno-babbly psycho-thriller."

A.O. Scott in the New York Times says that it's "overloaded with twists and not very jolting surprises." And The Toronto Star's review, written by Peter Howell, says it all in its headline: "This flick needs a reboot."

Author : Studio Briefing