Shrek the Third Game

In Shrek the Third™, players adventure as Shrek® and his friends to save Far Far Away in a hilariously twisted fairy tale from the movie and beyond. Fans play as their favorite heroes from the film: Shrek, Donkey, Puss-in-Boots, Fiona, Fiona’s rebellious cousin Arthur and her fellow fairy tale heroine Sleeping Beauty. The game takes players on an epic journey through the worlds of Far Far Away after Prince Charming storms the city with an army of villains in order to seize the throne. Players are challenged to rescue pals, face off against Charming’s henchmen, gather collectibles, test their gaming skills in numerous boss fights and engage in various single-player and multiplayer mini-games.

Shrek the Third immerses players in the Shrek universe and lets them go beyond the film.

- Gamers interact with characters from the film as well as new characters exclusive to the game in order to take advantage of their unique moves, special abilities and combat skills.

- Players travel through the epic Shrek universe in 20 peril-filled movie-based and game exclusive levels such as Academy Grounds, Evil Queen’s Castle (game exclusive), Pirate Ship and more.

Shrek the Third GameShrek the Third is the only game to let players experience the signature humor and outrageous adventures of the reluctant hero and his friends.

- Epic boss battles draw fans further into the Shrek universe as they defend the kingdom of Far, Far Away against Prince Charming and his bumbling band of down and out fairytale friends.

- As gameplay progresses, players learn to use each character’s unique moves for the challenge at hand.

Shrek the Third’s gameplay combines several, popular gameplay elements.

- Players learn to utilize each character’s special abilities and combat skills including Shrek’s “Ogre Power”, Fiona’s “Flying Kick”, Puss N’ Boots “Cute Puss”, Sleeping Beauty’s sleeping “Swoon” attack, and Artie’s “Power of Excalibur” that must be used successfully to get back to Far, Far Away.

- Unique levels with numerous puzzles and platform challenges including three Princess levels (players play as Fiona and Sleeping Beauty) challenge gamers to work their way out of difficult situations.

- Gamers can engage in six multiplayer mini-games including Castle Attack, Shrekleboard, Frog Herder, Shooting Gallery, Catacombs Leap and Ships Ahoy.

Publisher: Activision, Inc.

Developer: Amaze Entertainment (PlayStation 2, Wii, PSP)
7 Studios (Xbox360 and PC)
Vicarious Visions (GBA and Nintendo DS)

Release Date: June 22nd 2007

Platform: PlayStation?2 computer entertainment system/Xbox 360? video game system from Microsoft/Nintendo Wii?/Nintendo DS?/Game Boy? Advance PlayStation® Portable system/PC

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