Bait : Movie Review

Critics are forecasting that audiences are likely to take the bait offered by Bait but aren't likely to be hooked.

Most give high marks to the stars of the film, Jamie Foxx and David Morse, but Rita Kempley in the Washington Post bestows no such praise on the script, which she calls, "a haphazard, ham-handed, wholly illogical comic thriller that really ought to be called Hook, Line and Stinker."

Jay Carr in the Boston Globe writes similarly, "What's most criminal is the script's waste of actors who deserve better. ... Although slickly directed by music video veteran Antoine Fuqua, Bait ends up seeming pretty wormy."

Mike Clark in USA Today takes the metaphor a step further: "If the movies that make 'best lists' are filet mignon," he writes, "the culinary comparison here probably is bait."

And Stephen Holden in the New York Times takes the metaphor a step further yet. He calls the movie "an odoriferous helping of cinematic seafood whose pungency suggests that it has been sitting on the kitchen counter for weeks."

On the other hand, Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times, finds the movie something of a delicious feast. He calls it "a deadpan action comedy with a little Hitchcock, a little Bond and a lot of attitude. It's funny and clever, and it grows on you."

Author : Studio Briefing