Halloween : Movie Review

Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween is so bad it aspires to the height of utter pointlessness that was Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho. John Carpenter's original is a genuine classic, showing just how much less can be more when it comes to the horror genre. Zombie's movie is all excess, from its futile early attempts to dissect the origin of boogeyman Michael Myers to its tedious, overwrought rehash of the original story. The original achieved a twisting of the suburban lifestyle; its lasting impression made for anyone familiar with a local neighborhood existence. This movie will only be familiar to those who may have grown up in Hell. Then again, if one grew up in Hell, it's not like he or she will find any of this scary. In fact, someone who grew up in a cloistered life on a farm in the middle of nowhere and had no knowledge of the awful things people can do to each other wouldn't find this scary either. The advantage for people like that would be an equal sense of unfamiliarity with the Carpenter film and wouldn't have the always-fresh memory of it running through their heads. They wouldn't be able to hate this version as much as I do.

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Author : Mark Dujsik