Balls of Fury : Movie Review

I’m honestly stunned to consider how dreadful “Balls of Fury” actually is. This picture had the potential to be the break-out sillyfest of the year, yet nothing comedic sticks to the screen. The film just stumbles around, without any personality or direction, looking for laughs in all the wrong places.

After blowing the 1988 Olympics due to parental issues, Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) ditched competitive Table Tennis to work the seedy nightclubs of Nevada. When an FBI agent (George Lopez) offers the slob a chance for redemption at evil warlord Feng’s (Christopher Walken) underground Ping-Pong tournament, Randy quickly agrees and heads to Master Wong (James Wong) for training. With the help of fellow pupil Maggie (Maggie Q), Randy starts to find his old paddle mojo again, setting him loose in Feng’s secret palace where danger lurks everywhere he steps.

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