In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale : About he Cast - Will Sanderson

WILL SANDERSON (Bastian) has appeared in six films directed by Uwe Boll and has won the filmmaker’s trust as an actor he can depend on. Next, Sanderson stars as the vengeful undead killer Seed in Boll’s forthcoming film of the same name.
Sanderson was born in 1980 in Vancouver, Canada and began his acting career on television, appearing in such programs as “The Outer Limits” series and the telefilms “Y2K” and “Angels in the Endzone” before making his feature-film debut in Borderline Normal (2000), starring Robin Dunne, Stephanie Zimbalist and Corbin Bernsen.

Sanderson’s other TV credits include appearances on “Viper,” “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy,” “First Wave,” “The Black Sash,” “Just Cause,” “The Dead Zone” and “Smallville.” He starred as Mike Roberts Jr. on “Just Deal” for two seasons and provided his vocal talents for three “AcceleRacers” telefilms airing on the Cartoon Network. He also appeared in the TV movie “Return to Cabin by the Lake,” starring Judd Nelson and Brian Krause.
On the big screen, Sanderson’s resume includes Cheaters, The Mangler 2, A Guy Thing, Real World: The Lost Season, Biohazard and Long Weekend. First cast by Uwe Boll in 2002’s Blackwoods, Sanderson would team up with the director again for Homeroom, House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne before In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.
Sanderson’s interests include a number of sports (including football, wrestling and snowboarding), horseback riding and roping.