Boogeyman 2 DVD

From the producers of THE GRUDGE and THE MESSENGERS comes a sequel more intense and terrifying than the original, BOOGEYMAN 2: UNRATED DIRECTOR’S CUT available on DVD Jan. 8th!

Terror invades an isolated asylum when Laura, haunted by a paralyzing fear of the Boogeyman, becomes one of many patients who are prisoners to their own phobias. But what appears to be a safe haven soon becomes an asylum of the damned when the Boogeyman returns, trapping them all inside and beginning his hunt for new victims. Starring Tobin Bell of the SAW franchise, get ready for a terrifying game of cat and mouse where what you fear is what will kill you.

Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
Widescreen and Full Screen Presentations
Commentary with Director Jeff Betancourt and Screenwriter Brian Sieve
Commentary with Tobin Bell, Danielle Savre and Producers Steve Hein & Gary Bryman
Featurette: Bringing Fear to Life: Makeup Effects from Storyboards to Screen