Definitely, Maybe : Movie Review

In spite of an awkward title and an uninspired choice for the leading man, Definitely, Maybe nevertheless manages to charm with its bittersweet story of love and loss that ends on an upbeat and romantic note. The movie starts out as one thing but, via a sleight of hand that would impress a magician, it metamorphoses into something different. This romantic comedy/drama is structured in such a way that the outcome does not feel predetermined, and it's amazing how much a little unpredictability can result in increased character identification. It's also refreshing to watch a movie of this sort in which one doesn't know who represents "true love," who represents "romantic complications," and who might represent something else altogether. For writer/director Adam Brooks (who previously scripted the underrated Wimbledon), the ambitious result is not without flaws but, on the whole, it is a success.

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Author : James Berardinelli