Be Kind Rewind : Movie Review

Despite some solid laughs and a feel-good ending, Michael Gondry's Be Kind Rewind exists far from the mainstream and its appeal will be limited to those who embrace the kind of awkward quirkiness that defines the production. This comedy/fantasy/drama constantly reinvents itself as it progresses, skipping gleefully across genres, discarding subplots and plot threads, and occasionally turning nonsensical. It's a hodgepodge of tones and styles but, given a chance, it may grow on a viewer. It's not always easy going, however. For every genuine, hard-earned laugh there are at least two missed chances for something more outrageous, and what starts out as a zany Jack Black physical comedy ends up as a heartfelt homage to independent filmmaking. Predictable this isn't, but that can be seen as both an asset and a detriment.

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