Prom Night : Movie Review

Donna's (Brittany Snow) senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life. After surviving the terrible tragedy in which her obsessed, psychopath teacher Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech) murdered her family, she has finally moved on and is enjoying her last year of high school. Now with her boyfriend Bobby (Scott Porter), her best friends (Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis) and their boyfriends (Collins Pennie, Kelly Blatz), she is ready to enjoy the night, safe from the horrors of the past. But when Detective Winn (Idris Elba) learns Fenton has escaped from the maximum security asylum in which he was held, the night quickly turns deadly. Donna, however, is unaware that the knife-wielding killer is at large and once again after her.

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Author : Louise Keller