Baby Mama : Movie Review

It has become a time-honored tradition that stars of Saturday Night Live, upon graduating from the no-longer-funny late night show, elect to spread their wings and strive for cinematic greatness. With a few notable exceptions, most have crashed and burned in forgettable fashion to never be heard from again or to become the punch lines of jokes that are generally as funny as the ones they told during their SNL tenure. Baby Mama is the first SNL-inspired movie to star two female members of the ensemble: Tina Fey, who has been doing nicely for herself since leaving, and her gal-pal Amy Poehler, who's still on. While Baby Mama manages to avoid the pit of awfulness into which many of its predecessors have sunk, it achieves nothing more impressive than mediocrity. It's genial but stale, and neither side-splittingly hilarious nor painfully unfunny. In short, it's like a great many cinematic comedies that recycle comfortable plots and don't try anything daring.

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