Hellboy 2: The Golden Army : Movie Review

Why Guillermo Del Toro chose to take another shot at the Hellboy superhero franchise is a mystery, since the first movie, released nearly four years ago, barely broke even at the box office. More importantly, Del Toro himself has since become a widely recognized and acclaimed filmmaker who received a lot of accolades for his 2006 art house hit Pan's Labyrinth, a film which should've permitted him to move on to more prestigious and challenging projects. Whatever his motives may have been to commit to this sequel, it wasn't a bad choice per se, as Hellboy II has certainly the right ingredients to be a successful and totally satisfying summer release: it's an entertaining, visually stunning romp busy with fantastic ideas and well-rounded characters that more than compensate for the flimsy comic book storyline.

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Author : Rudy Joggerst