Women, The : Movie Review

The Women is appropriately named. For its nearly 110 minute running time, there's nary a man to be found, not even in the background of crowd scenes. This movie takes place in the same world as Sex and the City, where there are only three things that matter to women: gossiping with friends, painting men in the worst possible light, and shopping. The Women contains its fair share of all three, especially the first and third. While the dialogue lacks some of the crispness of Sex and the City, the film as a whole proves to be more tolerable because the characters aren't as fundamentally repugnant. In fact, the lead - Meg Ryan's Mary Haines - looks, sounds, and feels like Sally Albright 20 years later. If only the filmmakers had figured this out early enough to name her husband-in-absentia "Harry." (Carrie Fisher even has a cameo to strengthen the connection.)

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Author : James Berardinelli