Pride and Glory : Movie Review

The generic cop movie has become such a tedious bore that when something like The Departed comes along, it injects energy into a genre that, over time, has lost momentum to a dried-up wellspring of creativity. Even as recently as the '80s, when Dirty Harry was still patrolling his beat and the Miami Vice detectives were taking down bad guys every Friday night, the cop story could provide the adrenaline-and-testosterone cocktail that has since been ceded to other action/thriller sub-genres. Cop movies have recently fallen into a formulaic rut, with all the expected plot points lined up like dominos waiting to be knocked over. Pride and Glory, from director Gavin O'Connor, tries, at least to a degree, to escape that vortex. It wants to be different; yet, in the end, the elements that separate this police corruption film from those with similar themes and subjects are those that derail the climax and send this freight train careening out of control.

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Author : James Berardinelli