Bolt : Movie Review

Bolt, the first offering from Walt Disney Animation Studios to be entirely overseen by Pixar's John Lasseter (who receives an executive producer credit), opens with the kind of action sequence usually reserved for Michael Bay at his most incendiary. Bolt, a steadfast and loyal German shepherd boasting cybernetically enhanced superpowers heat vision, an earth-shattering superbark, etc. dodges missiles, motorcycle maniacs, and enough firepower to render lesser canines (say, for instance, Lassie) into so much fluff guts, flees the clutches of the maleficent, green-eyed Dr. Calico (voiced by McDowell) and his two feline fur balls of doom. His mission? Protect, at all costs, his beloved "person," the teenage Penny (Cyrus), and aid in her quest to discover the whereabouts of her sci-guy dad, who has been kidnapped by Calico's minions. It's a truly pulse-quickening and thoroughly audience-pleasing sequence that shows off Disney's new direction in animation (read: more Pixar-esque); it may even be the most exciting action-oriented opening thus far this year.

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Author : Marc Savlov