Monsters vs. Aliens : Movie Review

In Dreamworks' "Monsters vs. Aliens," Reese Witherspoon is the voice of a young woman, Susan, who's just about to be married to a smarmy TV weatherguy (Paul Rudd), when she's struck by a meteorite and, as she stands at the altar, suddenly grows to be 50 feet tall. The garter around her slender thigh goes sproing; her nice-girl brown bob turns platinum white. Her bridal gown doesn't completely pop off, but her sudden growth spurt turns it into a Wilma Flintstone-style mini. She's less a "monster" than a jumbo-size symbol of girl empowerment; the superhero outfit she'll later wear is a sleek jumpsuit that shows off every massive curve, not to mention a great set of stems. With a new name to go with her new size -- henceforth mousy little Susan shall be known as Ginormica -- she's cartoon proof that women can be sexy and powerful. As well as, of course, completely unsubtle.

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