Jeepers Creepers : Movie Review

Heading home on a break from college is where we join the squabbling Trish and Darry (Brother and Sister played by Gina Philips and Justin Long). Typical banter is exchanged between the pair as they take the scenic route through the country, trying to beat each other with number plate games and other such pastimes. As were settling back into the journey, from behind approaches a menacing, battered old truck, the driver apparently having a severe case of road rage. The mysterious driver rams the car until the pair loose control and end up in a field. Suspecting that they have just been the victims of a highway prank, Trish and Darry continue their journey, albeit a little shaken.

Jeepers Creepers (2001) - Movie PosterAll seems to be back to normal until they pass a ramshackle old church, parked next to it the same battered old truck and what appears to be a dark figure unloading bloody corpses and ditching them down a large pipe in the ground. Inevitably, our soon to be petrified siblings, after much deliberating go back to see if there's anybody still alive that needs help before they go to the police.

This first part of Jeepers Creepers really builds the suspense and intrigue and absorbs us into this mysterious character and what he's up to, which becomes more evident when Darry falls down the pipe and discovers a horrifying collection of mutilated corpses. At this point Trish and Darry wisely decide that this is probably not the best place to be hanging about and make their way to the nearest phone to get help. The typically sceptical local police need some convincing, but in the end escort them back to the old church, this is when the fun really starts, but also unfortunately where the eiryness disappears.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)Despite the plot taking a wrong turn however, Gina Philips and Justin Long's acting stays right on track and keeps the film together. The fast pace of the film keeps our attention, along with the essential horror movie music providing the impetus to make the audience jump at appropriate moments. Although not one for the die hard horror film fans that will see nothing but holes in the plot from start to finish, it's a worthwhile watch for a bit of harmless fun.

Jeepers Creepers is not so much a chilling film that will have you wide awake all night long, more of a lukewarm slasher flick with the bonus of an original ending.

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Author : John Harbisher Of