Gamer Augmented Reality Poster

Lionsgate’s theatrical marketing team has just debuted a website featuring an augmented reality movie poster for their upcoming Gerard Butler film, GAMER. Here ( ) you’ll find what may appear to be a bizarre looking image it’s actually an icon that can be used in conjunction with a site that Lionsgate just launched to create a 3-D image on your webcam!

Capitalizing off of augmented reality webcam technology, users will be able to print out the attached icon on a piece of paper, login to the website for GAMER, and see the exclusive movie poster on their monitor in 3-D!

Below, please find a link to a video that shows a user interacting with the GAMER poster in 3-D

GAMER AR Poster Demo: Watch Here

This will be the first time augmented reality technology will be used for a movie poster!

Remember to go to the GAMER augmented reality website to fully experience this cool 3-D feature!

GAMER is in theaters on September 4th!