Saw VI : Movie Review

Surprise, surprise—another Halloween season, another "Saw." The tried-and-true torture-centric franchise, which should have ended after 2006's crafty "Saw III" seemingly tied up all the loose ends, shows no signs of slowing down. "Saw VI" is the latest, and there's good news and bad news on this go-round. The good: it is easily a step up from the worthless, dirge-worthy likes of 2007's "Saw IV" and 2008's "Saw V," containing a story that is timely in today's troubled economic times and some climactic twists that actually pull a fast one on the viewer and genuinely surprise. The not-so-good news, then, is that the film is still unnecessary and convoluted in the grand scheme of things, the series having long since run out of steam and freshness. "Saw" devotees are the only ones that need apply.

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Author : Dustin Putman