Edge of Darkness : Movie Review

"Nothing is as it seems". The saying is never more true when it pertains to the crime thriller film. Greed, power, corruption, and the element of "who done it", staples all of the genre. "Edge of Darkness" deals with some familiar elements, but approaches it with a fervor and passion rarely found in film today. As a hard-nose detective, Mel Gibson brings his brand of vigilante justice to the screen in Bond film veteran director Martin Campbell's big screen adaptation of his late 80's mini-series of the same title.

Detective Craven of the Boston Police has just welcomed home his daughter Emma, an MIT graduate played by "Drag Me to Hell" star, and Serbian hottie, Bojana Novakovic. As symptoms of a mysterious affliction arise in Emma, we find the pair rushing to the hospital, only to be met by certain and untimely death. A shotgun wielding assassin claims the life of young Emma on Craven's own porch.

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Author : Cory von Chaos