Interceptor : DVD Review

Title: Interceptor (Zapreshchennaya realnost)
Director: Konstantin Maximov
Starring: Aleksandr Baluyev, Igor Petrenko, Anna Khodush
Running: 89 minutes
Certificate: 15

Matvey Sobolev is a Special Forces agent on a mission to transport the world's first psychotronic weapon – a mind-control weapon – so powerful that it could control everyone and everything.

Interceptor was written by Vasiliy Golovachev and directed by Konstantin Maximov and is…well…. how do I put it?.... very Russian. And while there have been some good Russian movies in recent years such as Daywatch and Nightwatch, Interceptor seems rather odd. It’s a difficult storyline about an odd premise… mind control weapons in films are few and far between and maybe this says something? It’s not a terrible idea, it’s an interesting concept, something akin to a film such as Scanners. There is definite potential but it’s got to be handled just right. Maybe because it’s Russian it’s just a little more difficult to follow. There are subtitles to contend with and strong accents and it’s fairly confusing subject matter.

On a positive note there are some good special effects, certainly if you take the budget into consideration, and the acting from Aleksandr Baluyev, Igor Petrenko and Anna Khodush is passable for this sort of movie.

It’s probably gone down a storm in Russia but in the UK market it might struggle to find its place.

Author : Kevin Stanley