Karate Kid, The : Movie Review

One can suppose the tremendous love Jaden Smith gets from his parents Will and Jada Pinkett, who probably decided that it makes good sense for their son to learn some form of self-defense, so why not learn from one of the best available, and make a film out of it? I'm wildly speculating here on how this remake of the 1984 film of the same name came about, one which made the fictional Crane Technique famous, and launching Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita to instant fame, especially so for the latter.

Serving as producers, the Smith's version of The Karate Kid had Karate as a misnomer, since it's Kung Fu that got featured, although they did place the emphasis on Kid, with their son Jaden being the star of the show, very much younger than how Ralph Macchio turned out to be in his role as Daniel Larusso in the original. And the truth is that Jaden's ability here in the lead role coming off films like The Pursuit of Happyness and The Day the Earth Stood Still, is one of the highlights in ensuring you get sucked into his world of the new out of towner American boy from Detroit now finding himself in a new environment in Beijing, and rubbing off the playground bullies on the wrong foot.

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Author : Stefan S