Bad Boys : DVD Review

Buddy action flick Bad Boys is one of my favourites. I can freely admit to having a little man-crush on Will Smith so I’m very happy to see this film appearing on blu-ray and at the sub 15 mark at most online retailers this would be a good addition to anyone’s collection.
Will Smith (Mike Lowery) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett) are a pair of tough Miami cops chasing down a group of drug-running, prostitute-killing maniacs. And in the process of finding their star witness things get just a little more complicated when Lowery and Lawrence are forced to switch identities.

Bad Boys DVDBay is one of the most successful and lucrative Hollywood directors of all time. A string of hit films from Bad Boys, all the way through The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour, Bad Boys II, The Island, and right up to date with the fantastic, and not-so-fantastic, Transformer I and Transformer II films.
Michael Bay is well known for his flamboyant and bombastic direction and attitude towards action scenes. Some people hate this and some people love it. Personally for a bit of popcorn film fun I don’t think you can beat a bit of Bay. I’d happily watch all of his films back to back.

Smith is super-charismatic as ever and even Martin Lawrence is pretty good. There are some wonderful laugh-out-loud moments when the two are verbally sparring with each other and when they turn their guns on each other in an effort to confuse some criminals is a stand out moment.
Bay’s uber-slick visuals are perfectly suited to blu-ray so this release makes Bad Boys look better than ever before and it is a very decent step up from the DVD version.

Author : Kevin Stanley