Predators : Movie Review

Back in the mid-'90s filmmaker Robert Rodriguez was asked by 20th Century Fox to come up with a script for a new Predator movie. Rodriguez hammered out a script, packing it with pretty much everything he personally wanted to see in a Predator film. He turned it in, and then went about making his own movies for the next dozen years. Then in 2009, Fox came to Rodriguez and said they were interested in making his version of Predator. He wasn't available to direct but stayed on board as producer and helped guide the new writers, Alex Litvak and Michael Finch, through the process. He was also instrumental in the hiring of director Nimrod Antal. Litvak and Finch used some of Rodriguez' ideas as jumping off points to create Predators, a film which could fit between any of the films of the Predator franchise.

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Author : Rebecca Murray