Alpha and Omega : Movie Review

Alpha and Omega is one of those rarities in the modern era of Hollywood animation: bad.

Not good-bad, like Showgirlsor The Expendables, movies that relish their pabulum.

This cartoon about a lovestruck pair of wolves is bad-bad, earnest enough to preach but not clever enough to keep adults entertained. Omega is as earnest as they come and features solid voice work and 3-D effects, but it's not likely to find an audience older than 6.

Unless, of course, you're the parent of the kid who wants to see the story of Humphrey (Justin Long) and Kate (Hayden Panettiere), two wolves in Canada's Jasper National Park who are sent to Idaho to mate. If you're uncertain about that theme for your child, wait until the wolves discuss joining forces to slaughter more caribou.

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Author : Scott Bowles