Star Of The Week

Today's Valentine's special-couple are: Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, who display affection and advocate their deep love for each other in famously strange ways!

A previous quote from Billy Bob, on his commitment to Angelina:
"For our anniversary, I had a certificate drawn up that states I can never leave her for eternity. It has the seal of the great state of Louisiana on it. I signed it in my own blood with a paintbrush. "

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Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd
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Read on for dating stories from heaven and hell!


Quick as a flash!
I was about 16 at the time and I'd never really kissed a boy before, let alone dated one! One day, I was coming out of the convenience store near my home and I noticed a guy drive past in a car who caught my eye. He was really good-looking (from what I saw) and I couldn't believe it when he turned round and parked up next to me on the sidewalk. He got out of his car and asked me out on a date - nothing like this had ever happened to me before! I said yes and said he would pick me up at 7 - he wanted to take me to the movies.

He picked me up and my parents waved me off, telling me to be careful. We set off and I was quite excited, he seemed really nice. When we got the movie theatre, he asked me if I would kiss him .I was shocked as we’d been on the date only five minutes! I said no and he said fine and drove me all the way home - we didn't even see the movie!

Luckily, since then I have never dated anyone as bad as that guy!

Sarah (23), Idaho, Nebraska

Psycho Date!
All my friends have told me that I'm a real crackpot magnet, so when I met this bloke after coming back from University, I thought here was my chance to prove them wrong! He was blonde, very good looking and had the clearest blue eyes I'd ever seen! We went out a few times and I noticed he didn't smile too much, so I thought he was deep, but my friends thought he was a bit too intense and creepy. However, one time he rang me at work, and asked me if I was free at the weekend, and told me to pack my bag cause he was taking me on a surprise holiday!

So anyway, he told me that he wanted to take me somewhere special, where he used to go as a kid and that he hadn't shown anyone this "secret place" before. We ended up walking for ages on the cliff, until we got really high up, and he then walked away from me and stood on the edge of the isolated windy cliff, turned round to me, without smiling and said "Come here, what’s the matter, don't you trust me, do you think I'm going to throw you off?". So I tried joking it off and edged towards him, wondering how I was going to get out of this, whilst not winding him up. He then took my arms, bent me right over the damn cliff, pointing to a crevace in the opposite cliff wall. Arrrrrggggghh!

I told him when I got back, I would have to "Go back to college asap. " So long, it’s been fun and sorry we don't have a phone in our Uni halls!

However, as a follow-up to this, (stupid I know) my family often saw him and kept telling me he was really a nice guy and that I had him all wrong. .. so at Christmas when I went back, I decided (to get them off my back) to go for one last drink with him. He insisted on a country pub, miles from anywhere, and whilst driving in the dark I noticed something covered on his back seat. I looked, and saw what it was - A chainsaw! He saw me looking at it and told me we were making a detour to his friend's house, as it's his chainsaw and he had to return it. So I asked him if he's been using it to cut the trees back in his Dad's house or something, and he said "No, its just a hobby. " Oh my god!

If you're wondering, I didn't get out of the car when he went into the house and I called my parents from the pub for an excuse to get home fast. He dropped me straight home. Strangely enough, I didn't see this guy again!!

Very scared, London,



At first, I failed to take in what I was seeing; I just simply couldn’t believe it! There was my boyfriend, sitting on the bed, which was covered in roses; the room was filled with balloons and flowers. He was sat on the bed, wearing a cheeky grin holding something which looked suspiciously like a ring!

He got down on one knee and proposed to me – I said yes straight away and laughed about how annoyed I’d been about this silly trip! He told me there was no convention, that we were flying out to Paris for a few days the next morning and yes, he'd packed a holiday suitcase for me!

It really was a trip of a lifetime, he said he’d been planning it for ages and knew I’d be annoyed about the car convention. But, that’s Rob; he always did have a wicked sense of humour!

We’ve been married for nearly two years now and shamefully, it’s bliss, I couldn’t be happier. That day really was the best surprise of my life.

K, Midlands, UK.