Ides of March, The : Movie Review

Scandal in politics is nothing new. It's been a part of the process since favors could be fostered with the drop of a dollar. So when a movie like The Ides of March hints that it will offer up yet another look at a controversial candidate beset by the dire decisions of a bunch of power hungry yes men, the stakes are raised substantially. After all, there's everything from All the President's Men to Primary Colors to contend with, and with the 24 hour news cycle seemingly breaking a new outrage nightly (if not hourly), expectations within such a storyline are very high indeed. That's what makes The Ides of March all the more disconcerting. While well acted and expertly directed, it doesn't tell us anything we don't already know or suspect. Instead of really shocking us with something unsavory, we wind up walking down the same sex scandal road.

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Author : Bill Gibron