Prometheus : Movie Review

Prometheus is no Alien, but it's undeniably awesome anyway. That's as in "inspiring awe," with scenes that range from the transcendentally sublime to the outright overwhelming. The screenplay by Jon Spaihts and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof takes a lot of time setting things up, but the movie's horrifying and action-packed final-act frenzy is well worth the wait.

Director Ridley Scott and others were coy during the making of the movie about how much Prometheus would have in common with Scott's 1979 SF classic Alien. Fortunately, that noncommittal pre-release pretense was nothing more than misdirection. The film very obviously is an Alien prequel, with characters, design elements, settings and a certain crescent-shaped spacecraft that will be deliciously familiar to fans.

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Author : James Dawson