Jason X : Story

Jason X (2001) - synopsis imageIn the year 2010, Jason is captured! Taken to an underground research facility at Crystal Lake, he is detained and studied. As Jason is being studied for Army experiments, he breaks loose from his chains. As Jason escapes, he begins to kill off all of the Army and doctor personel. One brave woman, named Rowen, traps Jason in a Cryo-Tube and Jason is finally stopped, frozen for eternity, or so we had hoped!.
In the year 2455, the Earth is a waste land. Years of toxic polution and the depletion of natural resources have forced the human race to move to another planet. Periodically, they send people to research the old Earth. During one of the research digs on Earth, they find a human anscestor buried in a Cryo-Tube. It is Jason! Eventually he will be taken to the archeologists ship and transported to the human race's new settlement. Jason is said to be the find of the century for our future conterparts. But they will soon find out that they do not have much of a future left to look forward too at all. Jason has returned.