Drop Dead Fred : Movie Review

Rik Mayall, a British actor, starred as Drop Dead Fred, an imaginary friend of Elizabeth, who is portrayed by Phoebe Cates. When Elizabeth was a child her best friend was Drop Dead Fred, her mother would not let Elizabeth talk of such "nonsense" for she wanted her daughter to be raised as a stricked, proper young lady. Drop Dead Fred would talk Elizabeth into doing certain things, i. e. making mudpies, playing robbers in her own house, desroying her mother's things, pooping in various areas of the house. Which was alright because Fred was just doing his job. One day as Elizabeth\'s mother was fixing Elizabeth's hair from Drop Dead Fred's work, Elizabeth and Fred decided to make a mudpie all over the kitchen table and when her mother walked in she grabbed the box that Fred was in, taped it shut and stuck it at the top of her closet for Elizabeth to not get to. When Elizabeth got older her life was hectic, Her relationship had ended, she had gotten fired from her job, and her mother had found out and brought her back home. Elizabeth was in her old childhood room looking around when she got a hold of Fred's box and opened it, Out comes Fred and his wild adventure! A movie that is definetly worth while!

By Leah Villalobos

Author : Leah Villalobos